Jennifer-Aniston-Ponytail-Hairstyles.jpgNun back pack r0eeb32bb2af6be144a7171fd765ad67e.jpgesearch. I think the back pack works just fine. It will be on the next props list. (11/10/11 Helen):
Nun back pack research. I think the back pack works just fine. It will be on the next props list (Helen): --END-----------------------

Lanvin-Fall-Winter-2011-2012-Raquel-Zimmermann-Karen-Elson--ad-campaign-2.jpgcatherine dress awkwardness exf83abdeb43b699eb_lanvin-1001-01.jpgamples (LS1306505196_orig_lanvin.jpg)

Love this one: super awkward. Her crotch is too close to being exposed and the neckline is really off.


David Byrne
David Byrne

The decadent kimono is great for Violet!
I was looking at the Kimono, maybe for Violet....

I love this for George. Very funny!
The Galliano ad below is too childish and casual. The one on the right, of the girl on the ladder is too childish too.
Catharine should wear something less drapey — the images below are too flattering to Amanda's body. The one of the girl on the green couch is good though.
For these two images, I am looking at the dress inside, without the coat.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------End if 9/12/11-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
My general costume note, based on all this, is that we should choose some fashion designer or famous gay fashion icon who can dictate Sebastian's taste. Then we can just ask ourselves, "What would xxx do?" (KB)

These models have the same body-type as Amanda, so these clothes will look good on Amanda, as they do on these models. This is not going to be helpful in suggesting that she is performing something that doesn't 'naturally' suit her body. (KB)

Catherine. (Continue...) I really like the left black and white one. She is dressed to be sexy, and I think if Amanda dress like this will not look like a "sexy model", but more like a "sexy object" for Sebastian.

Doctor Sugar.(Continue.....)
These are the research of the nurse/nun. (Continue....)

These are the "Nostalgia Fashion" color palette and inspirational images. The characters are dressed by Sebastian, they are modern and have the unified tone and elements.

Go campier, sexier, fancier... These clothes are too conservative. The idea is good, just not the images. Also, I think it should be hot out. (KB)


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------End of 9/11/11------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Let's think about costume that doesn't quite fit the actor. Here is a great example of a man playing a woman, but not like a drag queen (KB):
Blind Alley Guy

What if everyone was wearing something that was designed by Sebastian, but pretty obviously didn't suit their bodies. Like, if Amanda Thorp wore something like this (KB):

external image kim-kardashian-gown-2011-grammy-awards.jpeg

This is the picture I am particular interested. It's a man's body in woman's dress, like Violet holding Sebastian's skull trying to justify.

These are the pictures when I am look into nerve system, hysteria and some psychological images.


Hysteria, the inner self, the mental status

The pure angel, pure flower, but they are all being manipulated.

When seeing things out of focus.

These two had the feeling of bright, white and heat light.


This is the very first image that I found. The very bright, white and dreamlike atmosphere.