This play is a Hysteria Machine
Acting is cultivated hysteria — jouissance
Violet and Catherine fight over control of the narrativeSLS_notes_august_summary.jpg
JULY 2011
Freud: Dora
"Listening is an Act of Love"

Tell a story that makes more sense:

Unconscious rearragement or omission within the chronology – inability to narrativize the chronology of the illness

Getting rid of the illness is about patching up the story.

Not getting to the truth, but to the story.

Violet’s view of the world is as a violent place kept under glass.
I don’t want you to put this story together —“Cut this story out of her brain”
It’s not the way the story should go — she and Sebantian are natural predators and should be. This was an unnatural.

Sebastian is martyred — Catharine tells a story in which gay sex is punished — absolved her of complicity, allowing her to distance herself from her own perversions — not successful though — she can’t get away from her own sexual perversions

The beaches are an escape — Sebastian escaping Catharine’s fate — he’s escaped interpretation, deosn’t have to find the “correct term” for things (see quote from Williams editorial)

Desire for repetition and consistnacy — desire of meaning
Respition loses coherence
Repeat compulsively
Suddenly Last Summer — it’s gone on forever but because of the trauma it’s always in the present.

“American Naturalism” — lab experiment — all about what escapes that experiment/science
Realism — Strasburg criticized for being narcissistic

Takes repition that is what the theatre is — for Strasburg it’s about welding your own experience to the circumstances. SLS is dealing with the implications of turning it into psychic repetition, which include the desocialization of sex

Death drive — takes sex out of a progressive narrative

The weird moment before psychoanalysis:
Charcot - Strasberg
Femminist Byproduct
The Case of Becky
Hypnosis is good vs. bad
Plot device of truth serum
1925 All Dressed Up

Medicine replacing religion — Deus ex Clinica

The Witching Hour


Structure of the play:
One woman and then the other
Role of the doctor
Role nature/setting
Esquisite place vs referece to dirty foreign places - gone to seed

America is a place where we control sex/psyches vs out there — Cold War
Natural vs. Cultivated

It’s a gardening play
No means yes
play is making an argument that deviant sex is natural — cultivating it is civilized/bad

No a play about gay sex as a perversion, but it is a play about gay sex as natural — repression of it is a perversion. Aligning her deviant desires with homosexuality. Homosexuality is like a female perversion, which is already a trope.