Our blindness, our obstinacy in judging everything according to our own rhythm of existence, used to lead us to mistake the slowness of plant life for an absurd serenity. Nothing illustrates better the drama of a cure than those speeded-up films which expose the grimaces, gestures and contortions of the vegetable kingdom. The same progress in the world of sound will no doubt enable us to hear the cries of plants. - Cocteau, from 'Opium'

Inspiration Images related to Memories and capturing moments in your mind, like memories of traumatic moments.

Long exposure photography:
Rain drops captured under strobe lights...like frozen in time:
Andy Warhol's Death and Distasters obsession...repetitive silk screens of electric chair....in lavender color, it desensitizes us:
Contact sheets, much like film reels...almost identical images of an event, but slight different, like MOTION STUDIES: